How to choose a PR firm

Choose a PR firm to help increase brand awareness for your business.

Choosing a PR Firm Is Vital for Building Your Business

When it comes to promoting your company, it is important to choose a PR firm to help grow your business. You may decide to go with traditional media, social media, word of mouth or perhaps rely on networking, but if you truly want to get the word out about your company and what you have to offer, then it is best to work with a PR firm.

When you work with a PR firm, you are getting a team that knows how to create a marketing campaign that seamlessly blends all the best methods. In addition, they will have the right contacts, thus increasing your chances of getting noticed.

But, how do you choose the right PR firm for your business? After all, you don’t necessarily want to just pick the first name that randomly comes up in a web search. Here are some key indicators of a reliable PR team.

What to Look for in a PR Firm: 5 Tips 

1.     Pay attention to who does the talking – and what is being said. When you first speak with a PR professional notice whose voice is dominating the conversation. If they are doing all the talking this is a good indicator of how things will go in the future. Ideally, you want them to ask a lot of questions so that they are best able to determine how to help you. Questions like “How will you measure success?” or “What is your goal in working with a PR team?” are important to their knowing how to help you.

2.     Watch out for guarantees. Don’t be swayed by a company that promises specific results (many of those “in the know” will say to be wary of those PR companies who make big guarantees!). Truth: A PR company cannot guarantee that a specific media outlet will publish your article, or that a specific piece of marketing will translate into leads, web traffic, or conversions. However, an experienced PR firm will be able to tell you how to increase your chances of success.

3.     Determine your goals ahead of time. Know what you need to accomplish with your PR approach and be sure the team you talk to understands that goal. For instance, if press coverage is a must, then look for a PR firm with media relations experience. If you need a press release about a new product, talk to the PR firm about the product’s features and benefits and how your product is changing your industry.

4.     Check out their track record. Talk to other companies and learn which PR professionals have been helpful to them. Review their websites for case studies, work samples and testimonials. Keep in mind an experienced PR professional has the benefit of knowing PR best practices compared to someone who is an intern or only has a few years’ experience.

5.     Choose a PR professional that understands your industry. There are PR teams who work specifically within an industry type. Working with a team that understands your industry means that they will have contacts that will benefit you.

Choosing the right PR firm for your company is vital. Take your time and be open to other’s opinions about who/what works for them. Then make your decision, but with the understanding that it might need to be revisited 3 months, 6 months or even a year down the road. But even if it is necessary to change –be it the PR company or merely your focus – it is still better to have worked with a PR company than to take the DIY approach.

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