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A big part of public relations is the online presence of your company. Social media marketing is a skill integral to success of modern business marketing, and a good PR firm knows how to navigate the tricky, fast-paced world of internet marketing. We are a leading Atlanta PR firm that develops social media marketing and digital marketing tactics for B2B businesses in Marietta, Georgia, Alpharetta, and many other metro Atlanta areas, or for national businesses seeking an Atlanta presence. These services include developing social media strategy, social media posts, email marketing, persona development, and digital marketing content.

How we tackle PR:

Many businesses, especially small businesses, also may need help with website development or SEO to attract new business. For this reason, we also develop mobile-optimized websites, mobile-optimized blogs and SEO through our strategic partnerships. There is a reason why business needs digital transformation as well, as this can a help a growing company to promote and expand themselves to get recognised by customers.

Social media can be a powerful tool that can be used to inform and engage your target market. In the B2B world, it can help with lead generation, especially if it is tied with other digital marketing tactics. We develop useful digital marketing content to keep your social media channels and website current. We can show you how to leverage blog articles for LinkedIn or create paid content on Facebook to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

In the area of digital marketing and PR, we develop digital marketing content for press releases and thought leadership articles that build trust and credibility for your brand. We also work with digital media to place thought leadership articles on online news sites, and in business and industry trade publications.

While we don’t position ourselves as a digital marketing firm, we work with digital marketers to create useful content such as email campaigns, e-books, customer case studies, or blogs, to increase lead generation.

Digital PR tactics help increase organic search to put your business top of mind. At Alpine, we know the tips and techniques to leverage digital marketing for your brand.

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