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Your business is growing, but each time you scroll through a news feed, check your social media or watch a news show, you see your competitors but not you. You want this kind of coverage, but don’t know how to go about getting it. Welcome to Alpine Communications. We have been providing award-winning public relations and marketing services for Atlanta businesses since 2000. We help secure positive news about your business and products in print, online and TV media. We also write blogs, bylined articles and case studies that help position your company as an industry thought leader. Need a PR strategy that fits your business? Call us today at 404-641-6170.


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Press Releases

Public relations encompasses many things, but it all starts with the press release. While many articles have questioned the value of the press release, it still remains an essential part of a Press Kit and PR campaign. As a leading Atlanta public relations firm, we have written hundreds of press releases for clients across diverse industries, including logistics, cold storage, food processing, manufacturing, and many others. Whether it’s an Atlanta press release or one that is national in scope, our press release writers have the experience and skill to get your company noticed.

Media Relations

The most important task of any public relations firm is a good relationship with the media. Media Relations today requires knowing what is newsworthy and how to convey news through effective media pitches. It requires understanding how to write an effective press release and how to place stories. Alpine Communications is the best PR firm in Atlanta for companies looking to get the word out about their business. In our 20 years of experience, our Atlanta PR firm has placed hundreds of stories with local and national media outlets from CNN, Good Morning America and the Today Show to local Atlanta media like Fox 5 News, 11 Alive, Good Day Atlanta, and many other local media.

Content Marketing

From blogs to bylined articles, Alpine provides an array of content services. Many companies also look to us for customer case studies where we communicate product advantages through customer testimonials. Our journalism background makes us better writers than your average PR professional. Whether you’re in Atlanta or Washington, D.C., we have the skills and expertise to write compelling content marketing materials that increase brand awareness, improve organic SEO rankings and boost lead generation.

Social and Digital Media

A big part of public relations is the online presence of your company. Social media is a skill integral to the success of a marketing strategy, and a good PR firm knows how to navigate social media’s tricky, fast-paced world. From developing social media strategy to helping with posting and email marketing, Alpine can be your social media strategic partner.


Alpine Communications has helped hundreds of companies increase brand visibility and separate themselves from their competitors. Through our PR strategies and techniques, we’ve shared company news with editors and reporters in Atlanta and across the country. Because your story matters.


What’s avocados got to do with it? They’re used to make guacamole – one of the many delicious foods that undergo high pressure processing (HPP) to keep food safe and tasting great. Hiperbaric, the world leader in HPP equipment, needed a results-oriented PR firm with food industry experience to get more media coverage in food and beverage publications. Result: Increased media coverage 3 times year over year, gaining many unique placements, and helping secure prestigious awards within their industry.


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