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Your business is growing, but each time you scroll through a news feed, check your social media or watch a news show, you see your competitors but not you. You want this kind of coverage, but don't know how to go about getting it. Welcome to Alpine Communications. We have been providing award-winning public relations and marketing services for Atlanta businesses since 2000. We help secure positive news about your business and products in print, online and TV media. We also write blogs, bylined articles and case studies that help position your company as an industry thought leader. Need a PR strategy that fits your business? Call us today at 404-641-6170.

Industries We Love

Healthcare and Health IT

Technology has forever changed healthcare. We’ve entered the Age of the Patient. And the Internet of Things. We’ve helped digital health companies in Atlanta and throughout the country communicate how their products improve care, decrease costs and increase access. But how can you get your company noticed? We can help with effective healthcare public relations campaigns. >Read More

HR Tech and Labor Management

You have the solution: cloud-based technology that can optimize processes and streamline costs like never before. But how can you get more customers? Do you know the latest tools to promote your technology? We do. We provide results-oriented HR Tech public relations for companies and HR consultancies in Atlanta and throughout the country. >Read More


Technology executives are great innovators. But are they great communicators? Not always. So, they turn to us. We help break it down and explain complex technology so customers understand what you do. We’ve helped cloud-based companies in Atlanta develop press releases, case studies and bylined articles so they stand out instead of being one in the crowd. We provide targeted media relations to get you in the news and promote brand awareness. If you need technology public relations in Atlanta, talk to us. >Read More

Our Case Studies


Alpine did a great job helping our company with increasing brand awareness. They took a complex subject of high pressure processing (HPP) and got up to speed fast, helping promote our company and its HPP business to industry trades and other media. They secured tons of great media placements and hel…
Jenny TuggleMarketing ManagerUniversal Pure

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