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Public relations encompasses many things, but it all starts with the press release. While many articles have questioned the value of the press release, it still remains an essential part of a press kit and PR campaign. As a leading Atlanta public relations firm, we have written hundreds of press releases for clients across diverse industries, including healthcare, technology, digital health, and HR technology. Whether it’s an Atlanta press release or one that is national in scope, our press release writers have the experience and skill to get your company noticed.

Press Release

A press release’s sole purpose is to tell the media about your company’s news. It often can be about new hires, new office space, product launches, funding announcements,  or awards. It should be written in what’s called Associated Press, or AP style.

Every press release includes a Boilerplate paragraph that talks about what your company does, how it’s different, where it’s located, how long you’ve been in business and your website. While the Boilerplate is a short paragraph, it takes skill to write and should be no longer than 150 words.

Other press kit materials include:

Fact Sheets. Fact sheets give a quick snapshot about your company. Many companies are using infographics instead because more and more reporters are relying on visual content to tell a story. Fact sheets should include: number of years in business, number of offices, number of clients served, milestones/accomplishments, and leadership team.

Bios. A well-written bio is another essential press kit element. If there’s more than one bio, it must be consistent with the others. Today, companies are eschewing the standard bio format for an interview-style or fun, personalized bio that is informative and entertaining.

Bylined articles. Bylined articles get the word out without sounding promotional. In fact, a good bylined article can’t sound promotional or an editor will reject it.  An effective bylined article includes research, facts and figures, a common challenge faced by business and solutions to the problem. We have written bylined articles for Atlanta companies that have been placed in national trade and business publications.

Case studies. Case studies are another important tool in the PR tookit. They’re also called customer success stories. They can be in print or video format, or both. A case study lets the customer do the talking and provides a third-party endorsement of your product.

Press releases, fact sheets, bios,  bylined articles and case studies are all important press kit must-haves. If you’re looking for experienced PR professionals in Atlanta who can write and promote your press release, contact us today.


“Alpine Communications devotes high-level perspective to the PR process. They helped us with a product launch, which resulted in significant media placements and much business as a result of the media exposure. I would absolutely recommend them.
Lance WhippleDirector of MarketingLathemAtlanta

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