Alpine Communications is a leading public relations firm, specializing in the food industry, serving Atlanta, Georgia, and clients nationally and internationally. Our expertise is in food public relations, including high pressure processing (HPP), food manufacturing, food processing, and cold chain solutions. We also have experience in healthcare public relationstechnology public relations and HR technology public relations.

We create public relations campaigns and strategies that get results.

Media relations is our specialty. In the area of media relations, we interact with key media and social influencers to produce brand-building coverage that gives companies a competitive advantage. Check out the Alpine PR Approach.

Our Mission: To be a results-driven PR firm that provides personalized and customized communications on behalf of our clients.

Why Work With Us?

  • EXPERIENCED: We provide senior-level leadership at both strategic and tactical levels. Clients pay for professionals – not overhead.
  • PROFESSIONAL: We offer professional services and achieve goals that are valuable to business objectives.
  • PR EXPERTS: We are storytellers; we turn your company information into stories that build your brand and increase credibility.
  • CREDIBLE: As former reporters, we know the right media for your business; we know how to write media pitches that turn into stories or bylined articles that get printed.
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