10 Reasons to Hire a PR Firm

Posted on: November 12th, 2015 by Wendy Alpine

pr firmIf your goal as a company is to be in the forefront of the business world, then it’s time to contact a reliable public relations firm. After all, a PR firm’s goal is to see that your company is presented in the best light, and to help you leverage your skill sets and expertise in such a way as to propel your company forward.

It should be noted that using a PR firm is different from advertising, as I’ve explained in a previous blog post. When you use paid advertising, you send a specific message; when you work with a public relations firm, they will create an objective conversation about your company or brand. Even better, working with a public relations firm costs less than paying for advertising.

10 Reasons to Hire a PR Firm

While cost is certainly a good reason to opt for working with a PR firm, there are many other reasons companies all around the globe have chosen to hire a public relations team. Here are a few of them.

  1. Expertise – PR firms have knowledge, born of experience, which can help you promote your brand across a wide range of stages. They can help you determine what social media platforms to use, direct you in determining SEO keywords, and connect you with the right people in media and advertising.
  2. Efficiency – Your work hours are invaluable to you. Rather than spending time attempting to juggle PR and clients, bringing in a skilled PR firm means you determine your strengths and then focus on promoting those strengths.
  3. Objectivity – A PR firm is both an extension of your company and an outsider looking in. This allows them to objectively view what you do, show you ways to do it better and provide a neutral perspective that goes beyond media relationships. For more about what PR is and how it can help your business, see this post.
  4. Connections – The average PR firm has numerous connections in a long list of industries and is able to connect you with investors or other like-minded business to help you build mutually beneficial relationships.
  5. Advisors – Often, PR firms play an integral part in supporting the company. They help with activities such as supporting philanthropic projects, staffing internal events, writing internal and external communications, providing direction and talking points for speaking engagements, identifying relevant award opportunities and even assisting in the award submission process. We have helped several companies apply for the Inc. 5000 Award, as well as local business and technology awards, and winning these awards have resulted in positive media publicity.
  6. Crisis – If your company stays busy, then chances are, mistakes are going to occur. Often these mistakes are very public or perhaps quite costly in nature and need to be handled with care. A PR firm specializing in crisis management, can help minimize fallout and often ease some of the “pain.”
  7. Competition – Today’s economy is more consumer driven than ever before. Thanks to social media and ease of communication, people are sharing information about their purchases and business interactions. A PR firm will work to see that any information posted about your company is positive and puts you in the best spotlight.
  8. Relevancy – A good PR firm will have a multi-tiered strategy that helps to create a conversation between you and your clients. This may include creating leadership opportunities that give credibility to your executive staff, posting press releases, creating videos or podcasts, or any other activities that help you stay relevant within and beyond your industry.
  9. Writing – Often companies, especially new ones, believe that they can simply write a press release or advertisement and send it out or call a journalist and it will automatically get picked up. While this would be nice, it is not reality. A PR firm knows how to write a subject line and media pitch that gets the attention of the media, so that your information gets into the right hands.
  10. The Bottom Line – Working with a PR firm will improve your ROI and create brand awareness. This is a cumulative effort, but well worth the patience and time invested.

Hiring a PR firm is one of the best things you can do to build awareness for your company. The Alpine Communications PR team is able to provide you with all of these benefits so that you can be even more successful. We have the tools, connections and experience to help you turn your company from average to exceptional. Contact us today to learn more about we can help promoting you.

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