Public Relations for the Food Industry

The food industry is dynamic and complex. What ends up on your plate has journeyed from the grower, to the manufacturer, food processor, cold storage facility and supermarket. Public relations and media outreach help communicate those messages.

The U.S. food supply is one of the safest in the world. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen shortages of frozen foods and some staple items – who could forget the toilet paper shortage? But it wasn’t because of a food shortage. It was the complexity of the food supply chain that serves the food service industry and retailers and all that entails to shift operations.

Food is integral to our existence. We want our food to be safe, tasty and healthy.

Many companies are involved in making this happen, and Alpine helps them communicate those positive messages with the world.

We work with companies involved in High Pressure Processing (HPP), a cold pressure technology that kills pathogens in foods, while maintaining their freshness, taste and quality.

Alpine Communications has experience in many areas of the food industry, from third-party service providers to HPP equipment manufacturers to cold chain companies. We have helped increase brand awareness and share of voice for food companies that seek to produce healthy, safe, and great-tasting foods, as well as those companies involved in the cold chain process.

Food industry public relations and media relations services include:

  • Media Relations Strategy and Execution
  • Thought Leadership Strategy and Execution: Bylined Articles, Blogs and Speaking Engagements
  • Content Development: Case Studies, Press Releases, Bios, FAQs, Fact Sheets
  • Industry and Business Media Relations
  • Social Media

What We Do:

  • Create press releases and other PR collateral to drive competitive advantage and increase audience engagement.
  • Generate media articles about you and your company.
  • Develop clear messages to explain what you do.

Custom Content Writing Services: Blogging

  • Develop blogs on a variety of topics for your food manufacturing company that coincide with business objectives, encourage clicks and attract new business

Thought Leadership and Influencer Services: Bylined Articles

  • Interview industry experts and develop bylined articles on a variety of topics, including advances in wearables and digital health, how technology improves workflow .
  • Place articles in industry print and digital publications.

Media Outreach: Targeted and Customized Media Relations

  • Keen understanding of media pitching as former reporters.
  • Develop effective press releases and messaging.
  • Pitch media on new products/services, studies and reports, trends, awards, etc.
  • Secure media placements in local, regional and national industry trade and business publications.

Examples of Our Satisfied Food Clients:

Hiperbaric is the world leader in high pressure processing (HPP) equipment. They are known internationally and nationally for their world-class HPP equipment for food processing. As a result of our PR efforts, Hiperbaric has appeared in many food industry publications, including ProFood World, Food Manufacturing and Food Engineering.

We’ve liaised with industry trade groups like the Cold Pressure Council and the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies to promote Hiperbaric. Press releases and case studies on customer wins, new equipment and other news ensures that they are relevant and on the move. Alpine’s efforts have resulted in increased credibility, enhanced reputation, and greater recognition.

Universal Pure
Universal Pure is North America’s No. 1 provider of HPP services and also a cold chain solutions leader. Once a food is manufactured, it is sent to Universal Pure for HPP pasteurization, as well as labeling, kitting and cold storage. Alpine worked with Universal Pure to increase media coverage that boosted sales and attracted investors. We helped the company develop case studies, white papers and attract media to customer events.


“We loved working with Wendy and her team. They took a complex subject of High Pressure Processing (HPP) and got up to speed fast, helping promote our company and our HPP business to industry trades and other media. They secured tons of great media placements and helped with compelling content. We highly recommend them! ”
— Jenny Tuggle, Marketing, Universal Pure

“Alpine Communications has been phenomenal in helping increase awareness for our company and HPP. They’ve helped get us in front of leading food industry media, increasing our thought leadership. They also introduced us to award opportunities that have raised our profile in the U.S. We look forward to a long partnership with them.”
— Roberto Peregrina, Director, Hiperbaric USA

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