Public Relations for the Health IT Industry

Healthcare is undergoing rapid changes as technology revolutionizes patient care and improves provider workflow. Our Atlanta-based PR firm provides healthcare public relations, working with large and small healthcare companies to communicate their company messages, build brand awareness and generate new business.

To provide the best healthcare public relations, you need to be familiar with healthcare trends and issues like digital health, value-based care, interoperability, and the shift toward consumerism. As former healthcare reporters and longtime healthcare PR pros, we know how to convert technical information into meaningful editorial and social media content. We think like reporters and bloggers, so we understand how to craft compelling stories that get media attention. We work with Atlanta media, as well as healthcare trades and national business publications, to increase name recognition and attract new customers.

Healthcare public relations and media relations services include:

  • Media Relations Strategy and Placement
  • Thought Leadership Strategy and Execution: Bylined Articles, Blogs and Speaking Engagements
  • Content Development: Case Studies, Tip Sheets, eBooks
  • Press Releases, Bios, FAQs, Fact Sheets
  • Industry and Business Media Relations
  • Social Media Marketing and Strategy

What We Do:

  • Create press releases and other PR collateral to drive competitive advantage and increase audience engagement. Here’s an example.
  • Generate media articles about you and your company.
  • Develop clear messages to explain what you do.
  • Evaluate and redesign websites, including copywriting and web development.

Custom Content Writing Services: Blogging

  • Develop blogs on a variety of topics for your healthcare company that coincide with business objectives, encourage clicks and attract new business.
  • Position and place blogs in influencer industry trade and business publications to build name recognition and greater visibility.

Thought Leadership and Influencer Services: Bylined Articles

  • Interview industry experts and develop bylined articles on a variety of topics, including advances in wearables and digital health, how technology improves workflow .
  • Place articles in industry print and digital publications.

Media Outreach: Targeted and Customized Media Relations

  • Keen understanding of media pitching as former reporters.
  • Develop effective press releases and messaging.
  • Pitch media on new products/services, studies and reports, trends, awards, etc.
  • Secure media placements in local, regional and national industry trade and business publications. Here is an example.


Examples of Our Satisfied Healthcare Clients:


As a result of our PR efforts, cloud-based diabetes management company Rimidi has appeared in national publications like ReutersBoston Globe and The Economist. We’ve liaised with industry trade groups like The App Association to promote Dr. Ide’s efforts to advance funding for digital health and mobile technologies. Press releases on customer wins, new funding and other news ensures that they are relevant and on the move. Alpine’s efforts have resulted in increased credibility, enhanced reputation, and greater recognition both locally and nationally.


We help companies outside Atlanta, too. Alpine helped introduce a Washington, D.C.-based startup, Babyscripts, to national media attending healthcare conferences, arranging interviews that resulted in media attention and increased brand awareness.


“Alpine Communications has a demonstrated expertise in today’s healthcare environment. They continue to help us meet our goals and objectives in creating awareness of our digital health tool, Diabetes+Me, through engaging content and significant media placements in local and national publications. Their ability to translate technical information into consumer language has helped us communicate our message with media, investors and patients.”
– Dr. Lucie Ide, CEO, Rimidi

“Alpine helped us launch our healthcare platform, Babyscripts, putting us in touch with reporters and influencers so we could tell our story.”
– Juan Pablo Segura, CEO, Babyscripts

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