Lead generation – whether you use social media, press releases, work with a PR firm, conduct marketing campaigns, or opt for a combination of all of these – is important. After all, you have to be successful in your lead generation tactics to attract new clients and improve revenue. But how can these elements of inbound marketing create more awareness of your company and what you have to offer? Consider these stats collected by Impact Bonding and Design regarding inbound marketing:

  • 68% of online buyers will spend considerable time reading content published by a brand they are interested in. (The CMA)
  • Online buyers go through about 57% of the buying cycle on their own without talking to sales. (Executive Board)
  • 84% of audiences age 25 to 34 have left a favorite website due to intrusive advertising. (Mashable)
  • B2B Marketers diversify their Inbound Marketing tactics and use 13 of them on average (such as blogs, e-newsletters, social media, etc.) (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 67% of surveyed B2B companies rated Inbound Marketing as a top three or a very high priority component of their overall marketing strategy for 2015. (Kapost)
  • Mid-sized businesses save 31% on Inbound Marketing costs compared to paid search. (Eloqua)
  • Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads. (HubSpot)

These numbers show that inbound marketing is a must. This is why the work of WHITEHAT is welcomed by so many ambitious businesses. You can do the work yourself or hire a PR company such as Alpine to do the work for you, but either way, you need to carefully consider what approaches to take to generate more inbound leads.

Tools of Inbound Marketing for Lead Generation

Today’s public relations approach encompasses many different elements than it once did, and it is important that you make use of as many of these options as possible. No, you don’t have to use them all, but you should at least think about implementing a few of them. Be sure that each form of inbound marketing you use is integrated smoothly into your PR campaign so that your inbound lead generation is successful.

  • Press Release – As perhaps one of the oldest forms of lead generation, the power of the well-written and circulated press release should not be overlooked. Keep in mind that a press release doesn’t stop with the printed media. Today, you could also use your press release as a blog post, turn it into a SlideShare presentation, or perhaps create a video. Press releases are also ideal for sharing on your social media platforms – especially those like LinkedIn.
  • Blog Posts – Studies show that companies who post blogs at least twice a month receive 67% more leads than their competitors. Be certain your blog posts contain your key words, as this increases your chances of being found.
  • Social Media – Whether you love it or hate, you can’t overlook its power. Regular posting geared toward informing your followers of who you are and the type of services you offer, means you will be the company they remember when they need a specific service/product. However, keep in mind that social media posts should be 80% informative, and only 20% self-promoting.
  • Lead magnets – These are tools that provide site guests with something in exchange for sharing their information with you. Businesses can use lead magnets to build their email database, thus getting the word out about their product to more people. Some successful lead magnets are free training series, webinars, e-books, white papers, a list of bonus tips or an interview with an expert on a specific topic.

As you begin implementing these various lead generation tactics, you will begin to see your numbers go up. No, it won’t happen overnight, but in time, you will not only have a stronger web presence, but find revenue, site engagement and social media followers increasing. If you have questions regarding the merging of PR tactics to build lead generation, give Alpine Communications a call today. We would love to help 2016 be your best year ever. Contact Alpine today.