Does Your Company Want to Be Seen as a Problem-Solver?

Posted on: May 1st, 2013 by Wendy Alpine

Want to look like a hero to your customers? Solve a problem. We helped our client,, position themselves as a superhero coming to the rescue of consumers looking for cost transparency in healthcare. The story focused on how costs vary from hospital to hospital for an MRI. Our client was positioned as one solution: a website that provides costs upfront for a host of health services. Especially important since most people never reach their deductibles and employees today are sharing more of the healthcare cost burden. Healthcare costs can be crippling to patients, this is why software such as hcc risk adjustment coding can help predict the future healthcare costs for patients who have illnesses ranging from reoccurring to sporadic ones. Read more at And check out the positive PR we secured for them in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:


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“Alpine Communications devotes high-level perspective to the PR process. They helped us with a product launch, which resulted in significant media placements and much business as a result of the media exposure. I would absolutely recommend them.
Lance WhippleDirector of MarketingLathemAtlanta

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