How Can PR Help Your Company S.C.O.R.E.?

Posted on: March 9th, 2016 by Wendy Alpine
PR shines the spotlight on your business.

PR shines the spotlight on your business.

How often do your think about PR and how it affects your business?

As a business owner of a small- to medium-size business, chances are your company name is not part of household conversations. You don’t have movie star status or world recognition so it is up to you to find ways to generate attention.

One such way is by teaming up with a PR firm that understands who you are and what you have to offer. You need a company that knows how to integrate old school PR skills, with today’s social media platforms, electronic media and networking opportunities, so that you will not just build your company, but make it a part of your industry’s landscape.

Consider this: A media analyst studied companies on the Fortune 500 list and found that there is a strong correlation between CEO visibility and the company’s rank on the list. In a study by Professor Ernest Martin, it was shown that good PR helps keep a company’s stock up longer in a down market and also helps it recover faster.

Good PR is a must for business, and its importance doesn’t lessen as your business grows. But how else can hiring a PR firm benefit your company? Consider the SCORE:

·         Savings – Not only will you save time because someone else is doing the PR for you, but you also save money. When you outsource to a PR firm, you are gaining a team of PR experts who work to see you succeed. Their skills will bring brand awareness, help you sell more products, generate customer leads, entice consumers to pay a premium for products and services, and build company loyalty.

·         Contacts – Working with a PR company means you get the benefit of their contacts. No more scurrying about trying to meet the right people or attend the right events.

·         Objectivity – It can be extremely difficult to be object when you are close to an entity. Bringing in an outside PR team means letting them look at your company’s strength and weaknesses and then help you adjust accordingly.

·         Results – While you may have goals for your company, you may be struggling to reach them. Working with a PR firm means they will work with you to successfully bring about your campaigns and initiatives.

·         Engage – When you are busy running your company, you don’t always have to time to engage with followers through social media, contests, surveys and other tools of PR marketing. A PR firm has people who will engage your followers and then pass the information to you.

Working with a PR firm means that you can take your business to the next levels. No more being the unheard of company on the corner; instead, you and your services will be the company that everyone is talking about. To take your company from “lost” to “found,”you need the skills of the Alpine Communications team. We are here to help. Give us a call today.

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