5 Tips to Help Your Business Sizzle This Summer

Posted on: July 13th, 2017 by Wendy Alpine


The days are longer, the weather is warm and it’s finally beach season. For many, summer means freedom and not a care in the world. However, for many businesses, summer can mean less revenue coming in. Follow these 5 PR Tips to break out of your slump and help your business sizzle this summer!


  1. Go Mobile                                                                                                                                                   During the summer months, people are constantly on the move and taking vacations. They are not confined to their offices and desktops as often, so make sure you have a mobile-friendly site to keep up with the flow of your customers. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know to have a mobile site.


  1. Plan a Cool Customer Outing                                                                                                              There are several special occasions over the summer your company needs to use to its advantage. Offer promotions based around different events to keep your customers thinking of you. If you are B2B company, one idea is a company outing with some of your clients geared around this time of year like a baseball game or BBQ picnic. Or check out this story about a law firm that pays for their clients to attend a leadership program at Harvard.


  1. Ramp Up Your Social Media                                                                                                            Summer is the perfect time to shift your attention to building your social media presence. In an ever-changing market, now more than ever it is crucial your company is engaging with its client base through social media. Use video like Facebook Live and YouTube to further engage your audience. Our client, Great Expressions Dental Centers, does a great job in using social media to increase brand awareness by holding contests around holidays and promoting volunteer events. Check out how they do it here.


  1. Consistent Content Marketing                                                                                                                Find a way to work in the upbeat summer theme into the content your company is putting out. From blogs to tweets, make sure to keep a consistent tone and summer subject to keep consumers intrigued. Check out more ways to engage your audience with fun summer content here.


  1. Get Active in the Community                                                                                                                  This time of year is perfect to make an impact in your local community. Get out of the office for the day and have the staff volunteer with a local charity. It’s a fun way to give back and promote goodwill for your company. You can see here how Coca-Cola and Chick-Fil-A have come together to revitalize Atlanta’s Westside.


With these tips you can make the most of the slower summer months. Need help turning fizzle to sizzle for your PR campaign? Contact us today at Alpine Communications to increase your visibility.


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