5 Tips for Finding Blog Topics

Posted on: March 6th, 2013 by Wendy Alpine

Wendy Alpine of www.alpinepr.com shares 5 tips on how to find blog topics.Once you’ve made the commitment to blog, the next hurdle is “What do I blog about?” Here are 5 tips for finding or creating interesting blog topics.

1.  Follow your industry e-newsletters

See what they’re writing about and pick a topic to research, expand and opine upon. If you can give your take on a particular topic, you start developing your “voice.” And once you share it, you will find that others may respond, adding their thoughts to the discussion.

2.  Research topics you’re interested in on the Internet

Read how others have handled a topic and then see if you agree, disagree or have something to add. If you do use something from another blog, cite the blogger/source and provide a link. If not, paraphrase the idea and put it in your own words.

3.  Consider tips and tricks

While we are flooded with top 10 ways for this or top 5 ways for that, using numbered tips is a good way to jump into blogging. It helps organize your thoughts. It’s also a way to get listed on other email newsletters in your industry, positioning yourself as an expert or thought leader.

4.  Get more mileage out of meetings

Blog about it. If you go to an industry meeting, whether local or national, blog on that. Perhaps someone wanted to go and couldn’t. I did that about a Disney seminar, and realized I could get several blogs out of it.

5.  Create an editorial calendar for six months to a year of topics

Trying to come up with topics on the fly when your post date is rapidly approaching is not the way to go. Try to make a list of blog topics in advance so that you have time to do your research and writing. Keeping and using a calendar will help spark ideas depending on the time of year that the blog will post. Go to Hubspot for a great Excel document to help you do this.

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