5 Reasons to Use PR to Catapult Your Business

Posted on: March 29th, 2017 by Wendy Alpine

If you are tired of your business puttering along the same as it has for months on end, and want a way to boost it into the limelight, then now is the time to learn how a PR professional can catapult your business. After all, growing your business takes work, and PR is a simple step in the right direction.

But, if cost is the reason you have never worked with a PR company then consider this – Working with a public relations firm is less pricey than working with traditional advertising, plus the PR team works to establish your brand. Another way to think about it is this – with advertising you tell people how great you are; with PR, other people talk about how great you are. This is because PR’s purpose is to help people associate your ideas or the core of your work with your name. This adds value to your services, thus making people eager to work with you.

How PR Can Catapult Your Business

So, what are the advantages of working with a PR team? After all, can’t you just do the promo work for your company in-house? Consider these advantages of hiring a trained PR team to grow your business:

1.     Objectivity – Sure, you can do the PR work in-house, but can you be objective? PR firms are accustomed to dealing with an assortment of unique clients and are able to discern the positives from the negatives, then capitalize on the pros not the cons. They ask questions like, what is not working with the current approach, what can be done differently, how can you compete with your competition, and why isn’t there more attention being paid to your specific product or service?

2.     Timing – When you have released a new product or service, the temptation is to immediately write a press release and send it to the media. With a PR team handling promotion, they can help you be sure to release the news at the optimum time that makes the difference between a ripple and wave.

3.     Contacts – As in getting a job, in the world of PR it’s not just what you know or can do, but WHO you know. A PR team will have connections within the media and can get your name in front of the right audience for your industry.

4.     Credibility – Your PR team will be your liaison so that your business can have the most effective reach available. A PR team will pitch the story for you, but also work with you to see that your best interest is always represented.

5.      Details – It is easy to get bogged down with business and details. A PR team can handle the details for you and help keep your campaign on track.

Having a PR team you can count on to help you secure a spot in your industry’s “Who’s Who” is a must. Don’t sit back and wait. Make the step today to catapult your company into your industry’s spotlight. The Alpine Communications, a leading Atlanta PR firm, is here to help you get noticed.

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