5 Reasons Companies That Use PR Are More Successful

Posted on: October 25th, 2016 by Wendy Alpine

Rimidi Diabetes | Alpine CommunicationsThere are some companies out there who believe that PR is little more than free advertising.  However, these companies are wrong, as PR is neither advertising nor free. In fact, it can involve a great deal of work and time, and if done correctly, will involve a monetary investment as well. Likewise, some companies will confuse marketing and public relations. These entities, though similar are not the same, but they do often work together for a more effective and beneficial result.

To understand the how to make the most of PR, one must first understand the purpose and goals of a PR approach. Simply stated, the point of PR is to build a brand for your company and to keep the company’s image positive, and free of slander. This may be done through an assortment of approaches such as a direct mail campaign that welcomes newcomers to the area, through social media posts, as well more “behind the scenes” activities like building relationships with other companies and professionals in the area. PR actions such as these will bring more success to a company.

Reasons Companies that Use PR are More Successful

1.       Building relationships within the community increases sales because customers want to work with people they know and respect. This helps them feel at ease and be more interested in whom you are and what you have to offer them. Also, many people like to support local businesses, but want to know whom it is they are helping.

2.       A PR team is there to write a Press Release, to cultivate media contacts for an event of conference, to secure credential within your field and beyond, and to even lobby for the placement of an article or press release that has been written.

3.       PR provides communication with your target market. Rather than you trying to reach everyone with hopes that 10% will contact you, they will be able to reach those consumers that are most likely to connect with your company.

4.       Working with a PR team means a more focused message. They can create a carefully crafted strategy that gets attention in both print and digital formats.

5.       You need your staff to be successful; however, if they feel that their efforts have gone unnoticed then employee morale will be low. A PR team that uses tactics such as a positive social media campaign to create a sense of loyalty and pride among your employees, which in turn, means they will want to be at work rather than always being on the lookout for the next best job opportunity. In addition, when you outsource your PR, your staff is freed up to do the things they are skilled in and that will boost your company. Another way employees benefit from PR is that a good PR campaign will bring other people who want to work for you, thus allowing you to pick new talent that will boost your company’s value and effectiveness.

PR brings many opportunities for your company – both from inside and outside of your company. Sure, it takes a bit of time to benefit from the investment in working with a professional PR team, but can you really afford not to? After all, the value of working with a public relations team that is driven to make you successful is priceless. So, are you ready to make the move from ignoring PR to letting a team manage PR for you? Then now is the time to make the change. Contact Alpine Communications today.


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