4 Incredibly Simple PR Tricks for Small Business By Wendy Alpine{4:06 minutes to read} It’s easy to get PR when you’re a big business like Coca Cola, Home Depot or Target. But what if you’re a small company, with less than $5 million in revenue? How do you catch the media’s eye?

Here are 4 simple tricks:

  1.       Become a blogging star.

One of our clients has a recruiting business and a specialty that involves using personality assessments to identify the right person for the job. Fortunately, he loves to write. 

While his blogs had good information, they were a bit wordy and tended to promote one aspect of the recruiting business. When we advised him to take a 100-foot view and focus on broader recruiting topics, personal stories and tips, talent blogs began to take an interest.

Today, he’s become a regular blogger for a popular talent website, and he’s getting more awareness by not just posting his blog on his own website but on other publications’ sites. This builds credibility and awareness for him as we help him pursue other promotional efforts like speaking engagements.

  1.       Use LinkedIn Publisher.

Many small businesses aren’t aware of the power of LinkedIn Publisher. It’s a great way to capture more views for your blog beyond your own website. Not only will your contacts see it, but if they like or comment on the post, their network will see it too. Posting on LinkedIn Publisher is easy and interacting with old and new connections is fun.

  1.       Contribute an Industry Article.

Small companies have a tough time competing with enterprise companies for print space. But online is a different story. A publication’s website is an easier place to get noticed, and one way is through contributed articles.

Make sure you review the pub’s website and get familiar with topics and subjects they write about. Then, work on an abstract or outline and email that to the editor.

Need help with that? A PR professional has the knowledge and skills to turn an idea into a contributed article. Then, you can leverage the article by posting it on your website, LinkedIn Publisher, and your social media channels. Use it in your email newsletter or other ways you communicate with customers.

  1.       Know What’s a Good Story…and Who’ll Pick it Up.

We recently worked with a non-profit that works with local businesses to help at-risk youths in west Atlanta. It was a great story for some but not for all.

The local daily, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, picked it up after we identified the correct reporter. She then posted it on the AJC’s Facebook page, where it got more than 600 views. A local NPR program focusing on city issues will be airing it soon.

But the TV media were silent. Why? With limited staff, most local broadcast media focus on breaking news. Chances are we won’t get coverage unless we have an event where they can send a camera (without a reporter) and only if there is no other breaking news going on.

Even if you’re a small company, there are ways to get the media’s attention. Some firms can do it themselves, while others rely on the expertise of a PR professional. Either way, explore the opportunities and grab your share of the limelight.

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