There is no doubt businesses are going through a lot of changes during this global pandemic. But it is important to remember PR (Public Relations) can help boost your business especially during this unprecedented time. Here are 3 reasons why PR is priceless in this pandemic:

More people are reading the news right now.

It is not just you who is glued to the news right now. Checking online sources, watching T.V., pulling out the newspaper, have all become a habit for many of us in recent days. And this hunger for information and entertainment makes sense. The COVID-19 situation changes on an almost hourly basis. States are lifting lockdowns, businesses are imposing new regulations, and people are relying on the news for some information and context. Not to mention, people just have more time on their hands. With social distancing measures, more people are at home with nothing but media to keep themselves entertained and informed. This means there are more eyes on media which is why now is the perfect time to get some PR help for your business. Having your business story featured in the media now is more impactful than ever. More visibility and awareness for your brand leads to more sales opportunities and profitability for your business.

Media want good news

Feeling tired of seeing “bad news” everywhere, all the time? You are not alone. In a time where every day seemingly brings a new devastating headline, people are hungry for some good news. Who wouldn’t be?

In fact, Google searches for “good news” have reached record numbers during this pandemic. David Beard, the executive editor for newsletters at National Geographic, explains how people are craving good news. He further states that the demand for good news currently is unlike anything he’s seen before. He goes on to say, “People are looking for a reason to go on.”

If your business gives back to the community, now is the time to let people know. People want to know. Your charitable work is just the headline media outlets are looking for to provide their readers’ some sort of feel-good news relief during these tough times. PR firms will get your story into these media outlets.

Our client, Americold, the world’s largest publicly-traded owner and operator of temperature-controlled warehouses, partnered with Feed the Children, a leading nonprofit focused on alleviating childhood hunger, to support COVID-19 relief for families in crisis. With our PR expertise, we were able to get this story to the right media sources who were quick to publish this unique story because it was a welcome escape from the “gloom and doom” news we have seen a lot of lately. To view this story from reputable media sites, click here or here.

Good news’ is not limited to just charitable work. If your business has a product that could make life in a pandemic a little bit easier, the public wants to hear about that too. Take our client, Lathem, for example. COVID-19 has forced many businesses to embrace contactless solutions. Lathem’s facial recognition clock, FaceIN, makes going contactless so much easier as it can reduce infections when workers clock in and out. While traditional time cards are petri dishes for germs, Lathem’s FaceIN is the hygienic solution. With Alpine’s PR expertise, we were able to spread the word about Lathem’s touchless solution to the businesses who want to keep their employees safe. Check the story out here.

Communication is more important than ever.

In this corona virus age, it is imperative that businesses are clear and thoughtful in their communication with employees and customers especially as states are reopening and policies are changing. Although the public is understanding, they still expect your business to be honest and clear. The message your business sends now will have a lasting effect on external and internal shareholders. PR practitioners are communication experts who you can trust to convey that influential message in a way that builds, protects, and strengthens your business’s reputation.

Now that you know your business could benefit from PR expertise, take a look at our tips on how to pick the right PR firm for your business by clicking here.

Alpine Communications is committed to supporting businesses through this unprecedented time. We care about your business and will implement the best PR strategy to get the word out about it. Schedule a call with Alpine Communications.

– Rhea Singi, Intern, Alpine Communications