Apart from making the world a better place, a commitment to serving the greater good has other benefits for businesses as well. Take a look at Domino’s, Nike, and Americold.

The media loves a good human story

Especially now, people are desperate for some good news. Giving back can get you in the news and even ‘trending’ on social media.


Take Domino’s, for example. Domino’s launched their famous PR campaign in 2018 called ‘Paving for Pizza’. Essentially, Domino’s funded the repair of potholes in a few American cities. Domino’s explained pothole-covered roads damage take-home pizza, so by fixing potholes, delivered pizzas would not be ruined. All you had to do was nominate your pothole that needed fixing on social media.

Eventually, people started to notice their formerly bumpy rides home from work were now smooth- they stopped having to hold their coffee in place while driving over some rough road spots. And they knew exactly who to thank. Why? On top of these repaired potholes laid a stencil of Domino’s logo. Soon, Domino’s went viral. The campaign was featured on USA Today, NBC’s Today show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Bloomberg, and The Washington Post. The campaign received more than 137,000 pothole nominations in just a few months. By giving back, Domino’s captured the attention of national consumer outlets and gained a huge boost to their social media following.

Customers prefer companies that give back

Although we can’t say for certain how much these PR campaigns increased brand awareness and sales, we can tell you that nothing unites a consumer base like a common cause to rally around. In fact, the inc.com found that 85% of consumers “have a better outlook on and prefer businesses and brands that support a charity they care about.” Further, the charitable work of a company differentiates a business from their competitors. The inc.com continues that this is more effective in times of crisis as consumers and businesses are moved by tragedy and inspired by those helping the situation improve. When customers and clients believe their purchase of a specific product has a meaningful impact, they will be more likely to return to your brand again. Giving back can help increase consumer loyalty and thus cultivate highly profitable relationships.


Nike is a great example. During the COVID-19 crisis, Nike repurposed sneakers to make face shields for healthcare workers in need of crucial personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies. Not only did this mission help healthcare workers stay safe, it also helped Nike build its brand awareness as Nike was featured in various media outlets like CBS news and more.


Americold is another example. Americold, the world’s largest publicly-traded owner and operator of temperature-controlled warehouses, partnered with Feed the Children, a leading nonprofit focused on alleviating childhood hunger, to support COVID-19 relief for families in crisis. Americold helped families have a little less worry regarding the whereabouts of their next meal. In addition to benefiting the community, Americold’s commitment to giving back got them some eyes from media sources who were quick to publish this unique story because it was a welcome escape from the “gloom and doom” news we have seen a lot of lately. To view this story from reputable media sites, click here or here.


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