Health IT Companies: Are You PR Ready?

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by Wendy Alpine

An Interview with Bioscape Digital CEO Stuart Bracken

Health IT Companies: Are You PR Ready? By Wendy AlpineMany health IT companies do a great job creating solutions that will revolutionize health care, but where they fall short is their ability to communicate in simple terms how their product works and how it benefits health care providers and patients.

While some startups may be anxious to launch their product, hoping for a media blitz, they first need to answer some simple questions such as: Why should someone care about my product? Does it solve a pain point (e.g., avoid reimbursement penalties, contain costs or save time)? Is it a new way of doing business or an improvement over current solutions? How does it stack up against the competition?

We recently interviewed Bioscape Digital CEO Stuart Bracken about what he has been doing to build brand awareness for his startup company. Two things impressed me about him: 1) he submitted his company for an industry award — Atlanta’s Intel Innovation Awards — and it was selected as one of four finalists, a great way to gain credibility and get industry recognition, and 2) he responds quickly to interview requests and takes the time to explain his product to business and lay media, including a local Internet radio program and bloggers. This is a good sign, as the quicker you respond to the media, the more likely you will get coverage.

While interviewing Bracken, I learned that Bioscape Digital not only is a cool product, but it seems to solve a need. It uses text, audio and 3-D imagery on a touchscreen device to visualize a patient’s medical problem. It’s a new way of engaging patients, instead of sketching the problem with pen and paper.

Bracken spent the first six to eight months in business interviewing patients, hospitals and physicians about their patient engagement needs. This past year, the company has been testing the product in high-profile medical institutions and hopes to have additional data to report in the next three to four months.

Bracken expects to focus on marketing next year when the product will have been tested in real-life settings, paving the way for a few customer success stories.

So far, so good. Is Bioscape Digital ready for PR? Read more.
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