By Stacy Williams, CEO, Big Drum

Four Ways Content Boosts SEO Results guest blog by Stacy Williams, CEO, Big DrumOur technology company clients want their websites to rank high in Google and other search engines. Success with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, increasingly relies on having fresh, quality content on your website. You can achieve this by either using an in-house team or by finding the Best seo company close to you.

What do I mean by “quality” content? Information of value to your target audience. Content that addresses your customers’ needs and pain points, that is unique and well-written. Ideally, this content will also position your company as a thought leader and help pull the prospect through the sales cycle. SEO can be a difficult topic to get your head around, which is why companies like Bigfoot Digital specialise in areas like this so that you do not have to have as much of an extensive knowledge.

Note that this content can be a “regular” web page, a blog post, an article in a Resources section, a white paper, or even a video that’s on an optimized web page.

There are at least four ways that this fresh, quality content can help boost a website’s organic rankings in the search engines.

  1. The more pages on your website, the more keywords you can target and the more opportunities you have to rank high. I’m assuming here that each piece of content will be optimized for one or two targeted keywords; the keywords should be worked into the article’s headline and body copy (as well as the meta description tag). If your site has 20 pages to optimize, you can target 20-40 unique keywords. If, instead, you’re adding new content regularly and you have 100 pages to optimize, you can target 100-200 unique keywords. You can simply cast a larger net.

  2. Relatedly, Google in particular tends to favor larger websites with beefier content over smaller websites with thinner content. Particularly when the larger website is steadily growing at a fairly consistent pace over time.

  3. The search engines still consider the quantity and quality of links pointing to your website in their ranking algorithms. If your site is purely commercial and sales-oriented, there’s not a very compelling reason for another site to link to it. If, on the other hand, it’s jam-packed with (say it with me now) fresh, quality content – content that seeks to inform rather than sell – it’s much easier to get inbound links. Truly stellar content can sometimes go viral and earn links while you sleep.

  4. Social shares are becoming more important in the search engines’ ranking algorithms. It makes sense – if a lot of people are liking, sharing, tweeting, and +1’ing your content, that tells the search engines that it must be high quality, so you’ll be rewarded with higher rankings. Be sure to put social sharing buttons on each page and encourage readers to share.

Fresh, quality content is critical for marketers today. In addition to building your brand, credibility and authority— and in addition to helping prospects choose you more quickly—it can also pull more prospects into the top of the funnel by increasing your company’s visibility in search engine results.

Stacy Williams is CEO of Big Drum, the B2B Conversion Agency that grows sales pipelines for technology companies. A pioneer in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Big Drum has consistently delivered robust, measurable ROI since 2001.

Additional blog posts can be found here. You can also connect with Stacy on LinkedIn or Twitter at @StacyWms or @BigDrumAgency.

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