Client Success Story: Tie Into National News to Get Attention for Your Business

Posted on: January 15th, 2017 by Alpine Communications

Public Relations | Tying Into National News | Atlanta | AlpineTying into national news is a great way to get PR for your business. Reporters are always looking to get local reaction to national trends and reports on job numbers, the economy, gas prices, etc.

When the national presidential debates were in full swing last fall, we capitalized on the political elections to get our national dental services client in the news.

The hook

Since this client was in the dental services business, we came up with a story about the surprising advantages of a good smile. It was election time and the presidential candidates were competing in the debates. Hillary Clinton’s smile became a trending topic on Twitter: some felt she smiled too much, while others not enough. And while Trump often appeared stern and grim, Hillary seemed relaxed and confident, a mien reinforced by her wide grin.

To localize the story, we found statistics that one in four people in Georgia avoid smiling because of poor teeth and gums. Sometimes, the reason is a lack of insurance; other times, insurance doesn’t fully cover major dental work.

We pitched the story to a reporter we’ve worked with at the local Atlanta paper, and she liked it. She has her own column and writes about lifestyle issues. To her, this was topical: It was an example of how a local business tied into a news event. Everyone was talking about the elections, and anything that related to Trump or Hillary was a safe bet to attract the media’s attention.

The reporter interviewed our client, Great Expressions Dental Centers, one of the largest dental organizations in the U.S., and wrote a story about the health and aesthetic benefits of good teeth, including sharing some of her own personal experiences. It was a very positive story and got thousands of views on the paper’s social media page.

The reporter was happy, as she – as are many reporters today – is now being judged by how many people click on her story. It may mean whether she gets to keep her job, gets a raise or even do more stories that we pitch her. Luckily, she got thousands of page views.

Mix creativity with timing and relationships

Pitching a story requires creativity, timing and personal relationships with the media. Sometimes it takes a few tries and coming up with different story angles. Often, it’s about persistence and follow-up.

At Alpine, we are experienced media pitchers and editorialists that know what makes a good story and how to position healthcare and dental companies in the best possible light. Do you have a story to tell? We’d love to find the right story for your business, so contact us today at, or call 404-6411-6170.


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