9 Ways to Make Your Branding Efforts Personal

Posted on: May 11th, 2016 by Wendy Alpine

BrandYour brand is important, and when it comes to getting your name out there, it is your most reliable asset. But, it is only valuable if you are using it to its full potential. It’s not enough to simply put it on everything you do – though that is necessary- you must use it to reach your targeted clients, and do so through well thought out methods.

As Charles Koppelman of CAK Entertainment (they manage well-known stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Adam Levine) states, “In business, it’s vital to have a positive personal brand that speaks to who you are; your brand is what you want people to think about you when you leave them.”

But, what does it mean to market your brand? What are the key characteristics needed to create a personal brand that keeps people coming back repeatedly? If you are asking these questions, then take heart. The following tips can help take your brand from merely a picture to personal relationships with your audience.

1.       Don’t just “do” content marketing. Take the time to get to know your audience so that you can entertain, educate, and engage them.

2.       Have a clear definition of your brand. You must know who you are, before you can get others to follow you. Be sure you understand your mission as a brand and see that it shows in all your communications.

3.       Focus on the value, not the conversion. Whether it is in your emails, social media updates, blog posts, etc. be sure you show how your product/service can improve your audience’s quality of life. Use conversations, not sales promos, to encourage interaction. Provide details and be real. Your audience is interested in you, not some mumbo-jumbo from corporate.

4.       Acknowledge comments. When people comment on your posts, whether is it is on your blog or a social site, take time to interact. Avoid one-word responses (e.g. Thanks) and actually reply with a sentence or question that encourages them to reply.

5.       Acknowledge the negative. Not every comment will be positive –though hopefully the large majority will! Should there be a negative comment address it a.s.a.p., then endeavor to correct it. However, don’t let negativity consume you. Also, be sure that your posts focus on the positives rather than spending time name calling, ranting, or criticizing. People hear plenty of negativity throughout the day, as often as possible, make your posts encouraging.

6.       Do something for your community. Getting involved with your community -both online as well as physical events such as seminars, fundraisers, etc. – is important. For online communities, consider giving away free products, hosting a webinar, business guides, or whatever you can do to show people that are real, and that you care about their success.

7.       Work hard. Building your brand won’t happen overnight. Yes, you may catch the occasional lucky break, but you will still need to invest the time and energy to make it successful. If people see that you are working hard, they are more likely to want to work with you again.

8.       Be truthful. Don’t just say what you think your audience wants to hear. Being honest and loyal will encourage more followers.

9.       Attitude is everything. Always put your best self forward, even if you don’t feel like it.

Marketing your brand is an important part of the successful company. Using these tips can make a big difference in how you are perceived by your audience. If you need help with marketing your brand, the team at Alpine Communications is here to help. Give us a call today.

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