9 Ways Case Studies Can Be Used to Build Business

Posted on: August 25th, 2016 by Wendy Alpine

Customer satisfactionIn our recent post, we talked about the benefit of case studies to your marketing approach. However, there are many ways to use your case studies, so you don’t want to focus on just one. Here are some ways to use  case studies in your business:

9 Ways Your Case Studies Can be Used to Build Business

1.       SlideShares – By using SlideShare, you can put together a detailed presentation and then embed links and capture leads. And because SlideShare has an audience of over 60 million users, your opportunities to reach more customers is significant.

2.       Training – Having case studies doesn’t just benefit the potential client. A case study could be created to provide new-hire training aids by helping them better understand what your company does and how it benefits your customers.

3.       Email Signature – Include a link to a recent case study as part of your email signature. This is especially useful when emailing sales personnel.

4.       Sales – If you have sales reps, then giving them the tools to make sales is a must. The more tools that your sales reps have the more effective they can be.

5.       Newsletters – If you send regular e-newsletters, then case studies need to be included whenever possible. Customers love to feel as though they are a part of your community. Companies with customers who are proud to be a part of the team are more successful.

6.       Social Media – Share links to your most recent case study on your social platforms. Be sure to tag the customer in the post, and include a stat or fact from the study to build interest. You should also include a picture of the client, whenever possible.

7.       Landing Pages – Landing pages are a great Lead Gen approach and the perfect place to include quotes and results from your case studies. When people are reading your landing pages, they are already in “consideration” mode for your company. Build on that interest with a case study that shows how you have made a difference for others.

8.       Videos – In addition to SlideShare, videos are a prime way to present your message in an engaging manner. If you have the budget, creating videos is a powerful way to promote your product.

9.       CTAs – The Call to Action encourages people make a decision; however, be sure to keep it simple when used in a case study. Don’t have glaring pop-up buttons, but opt for a simple link to your site.

Who knew the case study was such a vital part of building your business. It is a versatile method of connecting with your followers and letting people know how you can help them improve their situation. If you are in need of crafting case studies that show off your clients and how they were helped, talk to the Alpine Communications team. We would love to get to know you.

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