Great Expressions

Challenge: Great Expressions Dental Centers is one of the largest privately owned dental service organizations in the US, providing preventative dental care, orthodontics, and specialty care with more than 250 practices in 10 states: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia

In Atlanta alone, it has more than 50 practices, which is why it needed some help increasing brand awareness and positive media exposure.

Solution: After conducting a search to find the right PR firm, Great Expressions chose Alpine Communications for its PR services in Atlanta. Alpine had little to go on as the company wanted to test out our creativity and resourcefulness.

With the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominating news coverage, we focused on the presidential debates and the controversy over Hillary Clinton smiling too much, not enough or even smiling at all. We researched the hidden advantages of a good smile and pitched our idea to a local lifestyle reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. With an emphasis on social media and clicks, she liked the story and thought it would catch the eye of her readers. Turned out, it did – generating thousands of clicks and retweets. 

Results: We learned we passed the test with this client – and with flying colors. We subsequently obtained radio interviews and additional media exposure that directed positive attention to their brand.


“We hired Alpine Communications roughly 1 year-ago and built a successful relationship. Goals for PR were established, met and surpassed. Alpine has generated TV, print and radio placements that promoted our brand and generated awareness. Alpine also went the extra mile by going to interviews with our spokespeople, taking photos and video which helped with our digital marketing.”
– Ryan Torresan, Marketing Director, Benevis (formerly with Great Expressions)