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5 Reasons to Use PR to Catapult Your Business

Posted on: March 29th, 2017 by Wendy Alpine

If you are tired of your business puttering along the same as it has for months on end, and want a way to boost it into the limelight, then now is the time to learn how a PR professional can catapult your business. Read More


It was a day unlikeSocial Media Saved the Day for #SnowJam2014 By Wendy Alpine any other in Atlanta. Usually, we are known for our mild winters and snow is an unusual, if welcomed, occurrence. But on Tues., Jan 28, Hotlanta became Snow Jam 2014, with commuters stranded for hours, people sleeping in CVS stores and children stuck on school buses across the…
Social Media Saved the Day for #SnowJam2014

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