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Case Studies: Still an Important Item in the PR Toolkit

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by Wendy Alpine

PR Pro, Wendy alpine of Alpine Communications ( discusses the importance of case studies for a business to demonstrate how customers are using their product or service.If you research Case Studies on the Internet, you will find many different types, from academic proofs of concept to legal case studies. For the purposes of Media Relations, case studies are short (500-word) descriptions of how your product or service is used by a customer. Read More


Wendy Alpine of by Alpine Communications begins her series on mistakes businesses make when it comes to PR.As a boutique PR practice, we often get calls from start-up companies, entrepreneurs or small businesses saying they want public relations. They engage us, but in some cases, the process does not turn out the way either party expected. One of the reasons is that many small businesses don’t underst…

The 10 PR Mistakes Most Businesses Make (Part 1)

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