Alpine Communications Promotes Client’s New GreenGuard Certification to Furniture Industry

Posted on: August 11th, 2016 by Alpine Communications

Alpine Communications continues to get their clients noticed. This time it’s about their client, Chemique Adhesives’ new GreenGuard Gold certification for its water-based adhesive product, Pro Aqua.

The story appeared in the August 11 issue of Furniture Today.

Chemique Adhesives is a leading adhesive manufacturer, with offices in Kennesaw, Ga., and the UK. The great thing about this adhesive is it’s environmentally friendly and also gets the job done.

Many furniture manufacturers in North Carolina and elsewhere are using the product to much success.

Have you asked your customers if they’d be willing to share how your product makes their company run better? If so, we can help spread the word.

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Alpine did a great job helping our company with increasing brand awareness. They took a complex subject of high pressure processing (HPP) and got up to speed fast, helping promote our company and its HPP business to industry trades and other media. They secured tons of great media placements and hel…
Jenny TuggleMarketing ManagerUniversal Pure

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