Valerie Kulbersh – Media Relations and Editorial Consultant


As a New York publicist for the past 10 years, Valerie Kulbersh has worked across a variety of product categories, with a strong focus on consumer health brands, food/beverage and home/lifestyle products.

She played a leading role for the US Tea Association, conducting surveys on consumer team perceptions; created a website for the Cranberry Marketing Committee; and developed the Think Rice call-to-action for the USA Rice Federation.

She has launched new products for Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream and others. Additional experience includes the Cranberry Institute, Bodylogix protein powders and E & J Gallo wine brands.


“HealthGate is an e-commerce company that connects consumers to discount healthcare services. As a startup with a focus on metro Atlanta, we knew we needed to develop credible community awareness. Advertising wouldn’t do that. That’s why we hired Alpine Communications. Within three months, they help…
Tanya MackPresidentHealthGate

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